Why I Love Working with Teachers

Why I Love Working with Teachers

April 08, 2019

If you ask most LPL financial advisors who they want to work with, they may tell you that they prefer to work with executives, lawyers, doctors, or business owners. If you ask me, the best people to work with are teachers.

1. Teachers are planners

As a former teacher, I know teachers are natural planners. Their life is a series of plans—unit plans, lesson plans—and this helps them understand the importance of a financial plan. They also understand that like their lesson plans, a financial plan needs monitoring and adjustment.

2. Teachers know little actions can make a big difference

Teachers know that the small assignments can add up and impact a grade as much as a big exam or project. Similarly, teachers understand that getting started early and saving consistently is key to pursuing their retirement goals. As little as $50 a month to start can help put them on track towards their goals.

3. Teachers have grit and a growth mindset

Teachers understand that success doesn’t just happen. Students aren’t born smart and not everyone is born rich. While teaching is a great profession, a great retirement isn’t something that just happens. It takes dedication and effort. They understand that it’s not about comparing themselves to others, but growing from where they are. There may be setbacks and challenges—changing schools, time off for family leave, etc.—but a growth mindset and grit can help teachers weather financial storms and stay the course.

 4. Plain and simple: I love teachers

Not only do I remember what it was like being a teacher—long days, late nights, planning, grading, feeling overburdened and underappreciated—but I am still married to a wonderful teacher and am friends with many more amazing teachers. I am inspired by their creativity and passion. Just as they are their for their students and fellow teachers, I love being there to help motivate and guide them with their financial goals.

If you are a teacher or school staff member looking for financial guidance, email me to set up a time to meet or talk on the phone. The first meeting is free and there is no obligation. I appreciate all that you do for our children and am happy to be of service to you.